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As a child, Eleanor Hall spent summers with her great aunt, Letitia Latrobe Howell, in Maine’s Southwest Harbor. “Aunt Tetty taught me to love gardening,” says Eleanor, who now nurses orchids in the garden of her Florida home.

Eleanor and her husband Barry are sponsors for the April 25, 2020, issue of Yarrow & Cleat—we are grateful. They make their gift out of affection for Maine, and because they believe in family (Eleanor and Barry are aunt and uncle to Yarrow & Cleat creator Peter Bruun). “Barry is a big believer in boosting family, as am I,” notes Eleanor.

Yarrow & Cleat is pleased to return the gesture of honoring family. We thank Barry, and shine a light on the legacy of Eleanor’s great aunt—her tending to her gardens, and her care for her beloved great niece in her Southwest Harbor cottage.

Letitia Latrobe Howell at home.