Coffee is cheap, but the meaning of “buying a cup” for Yarrow & Cleat is priceless.

Yarrow & Cleat began as a side project and has, remarkably, turned into a full-time job. In order to keep it up, we need ways to pay our basic costs

At the footer of our website and newsletter is an image of a coffee cup and the phrase, “Buy me a coffee.” Click that link and you come to a page inviting you to “buy a coffee for” (make a small donation to) Yarrow & Cleat. A number of folks have already “bought coffees” for us, and we are grateful for both the monetary support and the wonderful positive feedback. Both of those things will help us thrive!

So please, if you like what you read and if you want us to keep it up, consider “buying us a cup of coffee” (or three).

We will be so grateful!