We have been at risk of allowing COVID-19 to dictate our every move. I have wondered how we can change from a reactive position to a proactive one—I do not want to end up a quivering mess huddled behind my chair in the living room hypnotized by the “Breaking News” on my television.

I cannot live my life like that.

Instead, I choose to stand on a corner in my inflatable Sumo suit with a sign that reads: “Laughter Is the Best Medicine.”

For me, a heartfelt “hello” works wonders. Waving to someone as they drive by whether I know them or not; saying hello to someone while at the same time respecting the parameters we must live with right now; sharing a smile with someone who’s not smiling. If you find yourself driving down the road and some stranger waves at you, it might be me (I hope I made you smile).

I watch the news because I need to stay informed, but I also need to be lifted up. We all need to be lifted up. What lifts you up?

We are social creatures. We all need a little light in these dark times. I try to share mine. It helps me, and I hope it helps you.

Tom Dewey

When not on the corner in his Sumo suit, Tom Dewey is hard at work producing multiple videos each week for the Congregational Church of Boothbay Harbor. As much of church life has necessarily moved online with COVID-19, Tom’s long-held position as Worship Streaming Technician has morphed into something requiring much more of him. He has stepped up, as the parade of videos on the church’s homepage makes clear.