Lynne Seitzer has been painting birds.

“This year is so unlike anything we have ever known. I feel reassurance and a sense of normalcy when I hear birds sing—they carry on; they are preparing for new life. It is such a joy to experience.”

Joy is also conveyed in paintings such as the one reproduced here, Bright Eyes, a work by Lynne showing a Baltimore Oriole.

“Each bird painting is a bit of a portrait,” she says. “I thought I would just paint one or two but ended up doing fifteen this spring.”

Lynne has particularly focused on migratory songbirds, only recently beginning to arrive to the area for annual nesting (Baltimore Orioles typically return here in early May).

Finding her own joy and offering it to others is central to Lynne’s work—especially now.

“Everyone on the planet is feeling uncertainty; there is a sweetness to the presence of a feathered friend,” she notes. “These little bird paintings make me happy.”

“From this place of joy, I believe I am more likely to offer joy to others.”

Lynne Seitzer and her husband John are both artists who have owned and operated Joy to the Wind Gallery in Boothbay Harbor for more than 20 years. They look forward to having exhibitions again as soon as COVID-19 allows.