It’s been a while since someone bought us a cup of coffee.

We know Yarrow & Cleat matters to you—we would not have had over 12,000 page views in our 10 weeks of existence were it not so. And though the website visits are gratifying, we do like our coffee.

Metaphorically speaking, that is.

At the bottom of our website is an image of a coffee cup and the phrase, “Buy me a coffee.” Click that link and you come to a page inviting you to “buy a coffee for” (make a small donation to) Yarrow & Cleat. Early on, a number of folks “bought coffees” for us. We’ve not drawn attention to this way of showing your support for a while, so we’re doing so now.

We are grateful for you—our readers—always, and if you value the varied and intimate view of the region Yarrow & Cleat provides and want us to keep it up (since this has been a voluntary effort so far, though we hope to change that), please consider “buying us a cup of coffee.”

We will be that much more grateful than we already are!