Robert Humphreville is exactly who this issue of Yarrow & Cleat needed.

Rob is a freelance pianist, organist and composer. For the past 35 years, among many other things, he has accompanied silent movies on piano and organ all over New England; the Boston Globe has praised him for his inventive improvisations.

And lucky for us, he is a follower of Yarrow & Cleat.

“If you ever need a snippet of piano music behind a video, please let me know,” he wrote us after the last issue.

We jumped at the chance.

In this issue, we include two videos in the Neighbor Tales section—one featuring Skip Simonds talking about problem solving, the other focused on Doreen sharing what she affectionately calls “the Rock Property,” an extraordinary piece of land she and her family own. Though Rob lends his nuanced musical touch to both videos, it is this second one that particularly gains from it.

We invite you to watch both videos, and are sure you will feel as we do afterwards: that Rob has brought what we produce to a whole new level of artistry, and for that we are ever so grateful.