Most of Yarrow & Cleat’s stories are produced in-house, but not Corner Table, for which we turn to invited guests. Without them, Yarrow & Cleat would be less varied and rich.

Thus, to our Corner Table guest writers, we wish to express our gratitude.

It began with a word on Merry Barn from Stephanie McSherry, who at the time was coming up with ways to get books into young readers’ hands despite the onset of the pandemic. That was followed with a piece by  Jen Britton on the long walks she took in the early days of things shutting down. We then had a prose poem from Marion Coleman, followed by Tom Dewey on the value of keeping a sense of humor, followed by a poignant piece by Holly Stover on missing human connection. Larissa Vigue Picard then sang the praises of books and Ann Bracken the comfort of poetry—these two just before Leigh Perkins weighed in on what neighborliness means to her. And now, this week, an impressionistic set of vignettes by Patricia McHold.

Such a wealth of warmth and perspective. So much generosity in each of these folks taking the time to draft their pieces and work with us in the editorial process.

We are grateful for their words, their insights, and their open-hearted willingness to share of themselves, making what we do at Yarrow & Cleat broader and better.

If you know any of these folks personally, be sure to pass along the thanks!