Our launch of new content on Saturday, July 25, 2020, marks the 10th issue of Yarrow & Cleat. We have you—as reader, contributor, advisor, or supporter—to thank for getting us to this point.

Yarrow & Cleat has up to now been produced as a volunteer effort. We have spent
countless hours researching, drafting, editing, and illustrating 60 articles so far—all
without monetary compensation (we have received generous donations, and they have
gone toward production costs).

That is not to say we have not seen returns from Yarrow & Cleat—we have. The reward for our work has been the encouragement, positive feedback, and general positive energy we have felt from all of you, our stakeholders. We have been part of building community (the founding intention and central purpose of this publication), and for that we thank you.

At this stage we seek to expand our circle of stakeholders: If you or anyone you know might be interested in financially supporting Yarrow & Cleat (either individually or through a foundation or grant-making organization), we welcome that conversation.

Though our future is uncertain (we can’t continue forever without income), our blessings have been many. We look forward to more, and count on you to help us get there, as you have helped us get here.