Corner Table

Each issue of Yarrow & Cleat features a guest contributor invited to share his or her own offering through words, art, or other means.


Cara McDonough has a knack for observing the meaningful in the everyday.

Christy Shakes shares wisdom gained from caring for her disabled son.

Patricia McHold takes cues from nature on the patience needed to live well today.

Leigh Perkins settles into her new community ready to be a good neighbor.

Ann Bracken finds comfort in poetry at this moment of unrest.

Larissa Vigue Picard connects people through literature.

Holly Stover finds silver linings in solitude.

Tom Dewey aims to lift our spirits through humor.

Marion Coleman shares a poem reminding us of the blessings of the everyday.

Jen Britton finds a world to appreciate by simply setting off on foot.