Neighbor Tales

Each issue of Yarrow & Cleat features a pair of Neighbor Tales highlighting particular persons from the Boothbay Region and their stories.


With hard work and supportive peers, even a pandemic can’t keep Brendon McLellan from succeeding against all odds.

Cellist Kerry Jackson offers music as balm in a pandemic world.

With school starting and so many uncertainties ahead, Fox is ready to take things as they come.

The death of Jenny’s son from an overdose fuels her passion to end stigma.

Stephanie Noyes McSherry has a vision for building community that even a pandemic cannot upend.

Amanda Cotier’s long-time dream of owning a food truck comes true during COVID-19.

Keith Arvanitis’ story takes us through the depths of his addiction to his recovery and redemption.

After decades of addiction, Keith Arvanitis found recovery and now dedicates himself to serving community.

Despite a worldwide pandemic and against all odds, Crystal Theall is having the best year of her life.

Metehan Ṣahin did not expect his restaurant’s second season to be more uncertain than its first.