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Get Involved

Yarrow & Cleat cannot exist without you.

We need you.

Is there something you especially liked seeing in Yarrow & Cleat? Maybe there is something you have not seen and would like to? Do you have a story to tell, some art to share, or an idea to put before us? Let us know! Without your input and feedback, we cannot hope to succeed at our mission of being for and from this community.

And we cannot survive without your support.

Whether you’re choosing to just buy us a cup of coffee from time to time, or actively seeking to be a more substantial sponsor for which we express gratitude each week, we literally could not exist without you. We depend on you.

We hope you might reach out to consider being a sponsor. There is no set price on sponsorship, just a conversation: we are a small and informal operation, and as such we’d love to simply talk things through with you.

If curious or interested, let us know.

Email us at or fill out our contact form. It will be great to hear from you.