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Yarrow & Cleat

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A project of artist and writer Peter Bruun, Yarrow & Cleat was created in Spring 2020 to help him make sense of a COVID-19 world. In sharing authentic messages of grace and beauty, his goal is to illuminate our collective resilience, hope, and fellowship. Yarrow & Cleat is from a specific place, but the stories are intended for everyone.

What is the meaning of our name?

“Yarrow” is a flower native to Maine thought of as a symbol of healing, or given as a gift expressing wishes for wellbeing or health; a “cleat” is a metal or wood device to which a rope may be attached for holding steady before current or wind.

Yarrow & Cleat is what we need in the face of our daily storms.

Peter Bruun

Peter Bruun, creator of Yarrow & Cleat, looking out on the Sheepscot River, not far from his home in Southport, Maine, to which he moved in 2019.

Peter is joined in the project by editor Leigh Perkins, a writer and teacher based in Southport whose past career as a journalist informs her editorial aesthetic.